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Mobile Website – Does Your Website Work On Mobile

Statistics are showing that four more consumers are using their
mobile devices instead of their computers to do internet searches.

That makes sense to me, because when I’m curious about something, I
just check it out on my phone. So, how does your site look on a mobile device? Is it doing what you need it to do?
Does it drive business your way?

Check out your website here: 

This site shows you a preview of how your site will look on
different mobile phones.

On the left is an example
of how my CrackerJack site looked BEFORE I set up a mobile site.

Mobile Website      Mobile Marketing

And on the right you
can see my companion site set up specifically for mobile devices.

And check out the difference in “The Rodeo Bull Company’s” regular site vs. their mobile site

  Mobile Device Marketing   Text Message Marketing

As you can see, there is a HUGE difference. And as time goes on, it
will be more and more important that you have a mobile site.   So, why not get ahead of your competition
and get yours now!